Tolt Middle School

National Junior Honor Society

Tolt Middle School Chapter

Natalie Page, Advisor -

Kyle Brown, Advisor -



How do I join Tolt Middle School's National Junior Honor Society?

Intererested students can apply for membership each spring.

The Application Process:

  • Interested students turn in a completed application to the advisor
  • The Faculty Council reviews discipline and academic records for all applicants
  • Faculty Council measures each applicant against four characteristics of NJHS
  • Faculty Council then votes on each application
  • Successful applicants are directed to attend a meeting for information about next steps, including required service projects
  • Applicants who complete service projects are invited to be inducted at a June ceremony


When can I join NJHS?

Once each spring after the second quarter is complete.  This is the only time new members are welcomed.


What are the service (volunteering) requirements?

New members must complete two types of service projects. The first is the School Project that the advisor will set up.  All applicants must volunteer at this event to be inducted. The second type of service project must be planned by the applicants themselves and total six hours. (The advisor must approve this project ahead of time.)

Students who successfully complete the two types of volunteer projects and who are approved by the Faculty Council may be inducted in a June ceremony. The following year, members will have to attend monthly meetings and complete service projects.