Tolt Middle School                                        

National Junior Honor Society


Tolt Middle School                                        

National Junior Honor Society


Discipline and Dismissal (per Article X of the NJHS Constitution):


Students who do not comply with the principles and rules of membership may be dismissed at the recommendation of the Advisor, and after the subsequent vote of the Faculty Council.  The Advisor may recommend that dismissal proceedings begin for various reasons, including the following:


failure to maintain the minimum cumulative grade point average;

failure to attend monthly meetings as required;

failure to participate in school projects and activities termed required by the Advisor;

failure to complete or to receive pre-approval for individual service hours, as required;

failure to maintain a high standard of conduct as a student at Tolt Middle School.


Dismissal proceedings will be begun by the Advisor with a written notice to the member describing which violations have occurred. 


The Advisor will meet with the Principal and describe the memberís violations. 


The Advisor will then convene the Faculty Council and describe the reasons for recommending dismissal. 


A member who is facing dismissal may request a hearing from the Faculty Council.  Requests for a hearing will be made through the Advisor.


The Advisor will convene the Faculty Council for the purposes of a hearing.  At this meeting the member facing dismissal may present his/her case.  The Advisor will ask the Faculty Council to vote on dismissal.


The Faculty Council shall determine when the member has exceeded a reasonable number of warnings (per Article X, Section 3 of the NJHS Constitution).


For purposes of dismissal, a majority vote of the five-member Faculty Council is required (per Article X, Section 5 of the NJHS Constitution).  The Advisor serves as a sixth, non-voting member of the Faculty Council.


A vote of dismissal against the member will lead to immediate dismissal from the Tolt Middle School chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. 


For particularly flagrant violations (per Article X, Section 2 of the NJHS Constitution), the Advisor will meet with the Principal and exercise their prerogative to dismiss the member without convening the Faculty Council.