Tolt Middle School


Students progress through a technology curriculum that covers keyboarding, software applications, programming, robotics, digital imaging, and video editing. Students use graphing calculators and a variety of math-related software programs in all math classes.

Technology levies and grant applications in the area of technology made it posible for every student to be issued a laptop for school use.

TMS Student and Parent Laptop Handbook

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Technology Courses Available to Tolt Students

6th Grade Technology

Students develop their keyboarding skills over this nine-week course using Type to Learn 4. In addition, students develop their skills using Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Word, Publisher, and Powerpoint) in activities that are rich in STEM content. In an elaborate Structural Model project, modeled on the Technology Student Association (TSA) competition area, students research truss bridges using Prezi presentation software, then learn to create an engineered drawing of a truss bridge, and ultimately to build and test a 3D model of the bridge using balsa wood. In a project designed to teach them how to conduct web-research and build an effective electronic presentation, students investigate how technology is being used to solve some of the world's greatest problems. Students also receive a fun, non-threatening introduction to programming using Touch Develop and MIT Scratch tutorials.

7th Grade Technology

Students learn computer programming using the TouchDevelop programming language over this nine-week course. They also learn input, processing, and output using the Python programming language. The course relies heavily on STEM-based projects from the Technology Student Association (TSA), including a design project called Communication Challenge, where students use desk-top publishing tools to design a marketable product. Students also take a more intensive look at Microsoft Excel by building a number of different types of charts. In an indepth research and presentation project called Environmental Focus, students learn about climate change and how offshore wind farms may be part of a solution to the nation's energy problem.. For their pre-engineering project, students get the exciting opportunity to participate in the Army Educational Outreach Program and TSA competition called Jr. Solar Sprint, where they study solar vehicles before designing and building one themselves.

8th Grade Technology

Students who elect to pursue a study of technology at the eighth grade can choose between two courses: 8th Grade STEM Strand and 8th Grade Visual Arts.

STEM Strand:

This Career and Technical Education (CTE) course is taught by four teachers over a series of four quarters: Video Production, Imaging and Animation, Programming and Robotics, and Visual Arts. Students work in small groups to produce a video from scratch, using Mac laptops and iMovie softare. They learn storyboarding, camera techniques, and editing to produce original videos. In the Imaging and Animation class, students learn to use Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady to edit images and then animate them. In the Programming and Robotics class, students learn Java or Python and then design, build, and test Vex Robots. Finally, students work with the art teacher to see how the Visual Arts and Technology intersect.

Visual Arts:

In a year-long course that is divided into semesters, students learn Fine Arts from the art teacher and then Digital Arts from the technology teacher. In the Fine Arts class, students learn to use the tools of the Fine Artist: clay and paint. In the Digital Arts class, students use digital cameras and computer software to create original works of art. Both classes emphasize drawing and art history throughout the year.