Tolt Middle School

Multi-Age Program

The Tolt Middle School Multi-Age Program is housed on the Tolt Middle School campus, under the supervision of the principal.

Students from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade levels are together for language arts, social studies, and science, and participate in regular math, strand, and elective classes (music, P.E., art, technology, health, etc.) taught by other Tolt staff members.

Information about the Multi-Age Program Application Process

Multi-Age Application

Multi-Age Application (En Espanol)

Schedule Overview

Humanities Block

The Humanities Block (Language Arts, Social Studies, and Art) emphasizes reading and writing instruction, often through the context of art and history.  Students practice writing essays, stories, and poems, and throughout the year develop their public speaking skills.  Social studies and language arts projects are woven together throughout the year during units of study that usually include art history and art projects.  Students work in small groups with parent volunteers where they choose quality books to read and analyze together.  This is a technology-rich classroom, with nearly every activity relating to computers, digital cameras, or the internet.

Science Block

The Science Block (which integrates geography with the sciences) focuses on all areas of science, their inter-connectedness, and how they consistently apply to our everyday lives -- past, present, and future.  Scientific processes such as scientific method, problem-solving, and critical thinking are continually practiced through classroom discussions and projects and in small-group laboratory experiences.  Continual emphasis is placed on the part that science plays in shaping our lives, cultures, and history.

Mathematics for Students in the Multi-Age Program

Mathematics for students in the Multi-Age Program follows the same model as the rest of the academic teams at Tolt Middle School.  Students are placed in math classes based on grade level, ability, and/or teacher recommendations 

Parental Involvement Encouraged

Parents will be encouraged to volunteer 30 hours inside the classroom and/or out.  Parents can share their expertise, plan field trips, grade worksheets, and supervise small-group classroom activities.  After-school clubs also give parents opportunities to volunteer.  Parents are a vital part of the Multi-Age Program and make it possible for exciting things to happen for our students.