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Multi-Age Program Application Process

Tolt Middle School Academic Programs: Multi-Age Program

Multi-Age Program Application Process

Parent Information Meeting:
Thursday, March 7th, 2019, 7:30PM in Room E-505

When to apply:

Applications are accepted from January 28th through March 18th, 2019.
Applications can be turned in to Tolt Middle School office, or to Jeff Cornish (
Applications received after the deadline will not be considered for placement.

When will I learn if my child has been chosen for the Multi-Age Program?

All parents who apply are informed by direct mail by the end of May. Parents of children who are not chosen will also receive a letter at the same time.

How does the Waiting List work?

All applicants, who have met the deadline, are automatically placed on it. In the event that a child leaves the Multi-Age Program before the beginning of the new year, a name will be pulled lottery-style from the qualifying names on the list of that year's applicants. To keep our balance, we strive to replace students with similar students. For example, if a seventh grade boy moves away from our district, then a seventh grade boy would be selected from the waiting list. If more than one qualifying applicant is on the list, in this case a 7th grade boy, then the lottery system will be used.

We only use the Waiting List during the summer and through the first week of the present new school year. It is school procedure not to take kids out of their classes after the first week of school. After the first week of school that Waiting List is eliminated.

How the Selection Process works?

Applications are made available in February and must be turned in by the established March deadline. Applications can be turned in at any time during this period and will receive equal treatment; there is no advantage gained by turning in an application earlier than someone else.

Applications are accepted from any of the various elementary schooling situations including PARADE, home schooling and out of district. A lottery system is used to achieve as diverse a student population as possible based on gender, grade level, ability level and school.

Below are guidelines that have been established over the years that the teachers use to place children in the Multi-Age Program. All of the criteria that follow are influenced by the objective of diversity described above.

      1. Student applicants who have an older sibling in the program will be placed first. We do this to make it easier for parents to concentrate their volunteer efforts toward a single team, and to make it easier for parents to focus their communication with fewer sets of teachers. We have also found that younger siblings benefit from the experiences and guidance of the older sibling(s) and their parents who have “gone through” the Multi-Age Program. The sibling selection process only occurs during the transition from 5th to 6th grade and the older sibling must be enrolled in Multi-Age at the time of the application in the Spring.
      2. A set number of places are devoted to students who are identified as being highly capable (PAT) or who are in need of special services (special education, LAP, Title 1, ELL, etc.) The number of spaces devoted to these students is based on the process the administrators and counselors use to place such children in other classes at Tolt Middle School and at similar proportions as the rest of the demographic population. All elementary PAT students are re-identified by middle school administrators for math and written language as part of the transition process to TMS.
      3. An equitable number of boys and girls are placed from each of the various elementary school situations, including PARADE, home schooling and out of district sources.
      4. Each year’s number of 6th grade applicants placed is strictly determined by the number of previous year’s 8th graders who moved on to the high school.
      5. If a Multi-Age 6th grader leaves the Multi-Age Program during their 6th grade year, the vacant space will be filled by a 7th grade applicant preferably of the same gender the following year. If there is more than one qualifying applicant, the lottery system will be used to draw for the vacancy. Students are only enrolled at the beginning of their 7th grade if another student has exited the Multi-Age program during their 6th grade year. Students will not be enrolled in the Multi Age program beginning their 8th grade year.
      6. If a Multi-Age student chooses to leave the Multi-Age Program, this eliminates the sibling process for the family for any future siblings, but they may still submit an application. Students who choose to leave the Multi Age program cannot return as their spot has been filled. Medical leave can be granted for a student who withdraws from school with doctor’s approval.
      7. The number of 5th grade names drawn from each school is determined by the percentage of the total number of applications that came from that school. Let’s say that a total of 40 applications were received in March, and 20 8th grade Multi-Age students moved on to the high school in June. If 25% of those 40 applications came from School X, then 25% of the 20 students that need to be selected (5th graders) need to come from School X. This means a total of 8 students (4 girls + 4 boys, equal gender representation if possible) need to come from School X.
      8. In the case of multiple same grade level applicants (multiples/step siblings) from the same family in one year, if one sibling’s name is drawn, the other sibling(s) will then be placed if the previously determined number of total applicants allows. Using the example in (7) above, this would mean that the sibling(s) could be placed only if it did not put the total number of applicants accepted over the previously determined number of total applicants allowed, in this case, 20. This only applies to the initial placement phase. The placement of a 7th grader the following year follows Step #5.
      9. Any other placement situations outside those outlined above will be determined by the Principal or designee.