Tolt Middle School

Honors/Advanced Courses

Students are able to qualify for math instruction at their level of ability. Whether students are incoming 6th graders to Tolt or current students, a combination of teacher recommendation, math grades, and district & state assessment scores helps to identify students for advanced placement in math.

Systematically, as students progress through math, placement is determined annually, and some might be in advanced classes the entire time they are at Tolt. As a result, Tolt offers Algebra and Geometry math classes where students can opt for high school credit if they qualify.

Honors Language Arts is offered at all grade levels for students who qualify for and desire to meet the challenges obtained in the honors program. Students who are identified at the end of 5th grade as having talent in the language arts are placed in pre-honors classes at each grade level and re-evaluated annually.

Specific Information About Honors/Advanced Placement

Criteria to Determine Placement in Tolt Pre-Honors ELA

Criteria to Determine Placement in Tolt Advanced Math

Math Flow Chart that shows progression of math by grade level

Appeal Application for Pre-Honors Lang. Arts Class

Appeal Application for Advance Math Class