Tolt Middle School

Dress Code

Tolt Middle School students will not wear clothing or accessories that disrupt the educational process. School staff will restrict extreme styles of clothing, hair, cosmetics and jewelry which disrupt school or pose a safety hazard.

The following is not permitted:

1. Clothing that displays alcohol, drugs, insults, sex, tobacco, gang affiliation, guns, threats, weapons, vulgar or offensive messages, etc.

2. Yoga, lycra, etc. clothing; any body clinging tight knit pants and tops need to be appropriately covered

3. Tank tops unless covered by a shirt. (No visible undergarments)

4. Bare midriff clothing

5. Metal chains, heavy chokers or dog collars

6. Sagging pants or visible undergarments

7. Hats, scarves, bandanas, hoods or any other head coverings

8. Clothes with large holes

9. Shorts/skirts must be fingertip in length while standing in a normal manner and cannot be sexually suggestive when sitting or standing

10. Clothes cannot be excessively revealing per staff discretion

11. Dress and/or appearance which constitutes a danger to student health or safety, interferes with the operation of school or creates a classroom or school disruption

12. Sleeveless shirts unless they cover the entire top of the shoulder, however, no visible undergarments)

Students will be referred to the office to call home for a change of clothing or to wait until appropriate clothing is acquired. Repetitive non-compliance will result in progressive discipline.