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September 2018



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A Message from the Principal

Dear Thunderbird Families,

We had an awesome start to the school year! Our first day of school with our new WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) program was a huge success. It was so great to see 8th graders taking on leadership roles by helping our 6th graders transition into Tolt. We are now looking forward to planning other WEB activities for the year and will make sure to keep families in the loop. Thank you for being so understanding of the later start time for our returning students. And thank you to the Tolt PTSA and REF (Riverview Education Foundation) for funding the WEB program.

As we head into the new school year, we have updated our mission statement to reflect our current goals and values. It is called our "Tolt Why", based off of Simon Sinek's Start With Why concept. Our Tolt Why is "to develop an inclusive community of critical and creative thinkers who practice resiliency, show empathy, and take initiative for learning." We are proud of this statement and plan on using it as a compass point as we make decisions moving forward.

Our staff hopes to see many parents and guardians at our Curriculum Night, tomorrow,  Thursday, September 13th. We value having strong school-to-home connections, and this evening is a chance for us to share more about our school and courses. We hope you can come to put a face to the name of your student's teachers and gain a glimpse into their life at Tolt.

We have so much to look forward to this year. I hope the year is filled with lots of new learning, growth, positive experiences, joy, and a strong sense of belonging for students. Please reach out if there is ever anything we can do to help your student. Thank you for trusting us with your student and allowing us the opportunity to walk alongside them during these crucial middle school years.

Partnering with you,

Amie Karkainen, Principal



Curriculum Night

Tomorrow, Thursday, September 13 starting at 6:15 pm, we will be having our Curriculum Night for parents and guardians.  This is a time for parents and guardians to meet their students' teachers, follow their daily classroom schedule, and learn more about the courses they are taking.  

Here is the schedule for the evening:

6:15 - 6:30    Welcome in Gym, Introduction of Staff Members

       6:30 - 6:35    Released to 1st Period

       6:35 - 6:43    1st Period
       6:48 - 7:01    2nd Period
       7:06 - 7:14    3rd Period
       7:19 - 7:27    4th Period
       7:32 - 7:40    5th Period
       7:45 - 7:53    6th Period

Your student should bring home a class schedule (filled out by them) listing the order of their classes with their teachers' names, classroom numbers, and a school map.  If that doesn't come home for some reason, you can print their schedule from Skyward Family Access under the Schedule Tab.  

Due to the limited time, teachers will not be able to discuss individual students with you during Curriculum Night.  However, teachers will provide a sign-up sheet for both in-school and telephone conferences to be scheduled at a later time.    

Since this is a time set aside just for parents and guardians to meet teachers, we are asking that students not attend this evening.

Please arrive early as parking will be limited.

We are looking forward to seeing parents and guardians at Curriculum Night!



Tolt Dam Evacuation Drill

Tolt Dam Evacuation Drill is scheduled for

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

As many of you know, the Riverview School District participates in a simulation, along with local agencies, in the event of a dam breach.  At approximately 9:40 AM, all students at Tolt Middle School will participate in a dam evacuation drill.  Look for more information to come home with your student this Thursday, September 13th.


Please remind your students to dress warmly and wear sturdy shoes.  We are hopeful the weather will be cooperative; however, if the day brings a downpour of rain, we will reschedule the drill.




Nurses Corner

Welcome to a new school year! 

Thank you to each of you who brought emergency medications and immunization paperwork to registration. This year all K-12 students are required to show proof of receiving 2 varicella  vaccinations or immunity to chickenpox and all incoming 6th grade students are required to have a Tdap booster.  Other vaccines recommended for middle school age students are the meningococcal and HPV vaccinations, however they are not required.  Notification of students with delinquent or incomplete records will be mailed out in early October and by state law, all students must be in full compliance (or have a signed exemption, cosigned by their health care provider) by the end of that month.

If your student needs an emergency medication at school, please contact the school nurse. 

Sadly, it seems we have a bit of a stomach bug traveling around. Tips to prevent acquiring the stomach bug are: good handwashing with soap and water every time you use the restroom, blow your nose, before and after eating, etc.; don't share food. Please remember that if your student has a fever of 100, vomiting and/or diarrhea, they may not attend school until free of these symptoms for 24 hours. If these symptoms occur while at school they need to go home and be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Let's make this a safe and healthy year!

Nurse Rachel




Riverview Netiquette


Guidelines for Parent & Teacher 

E-Mail Communication


Riverview is very fortunate to have two direct ways for parents and teachers to communicate: phones and e-mail. Phones (and voice mail) in every classroom create a safer environment as well as offering an easier, more convenient way for parents to communicate with teachers. E-mail has al-so enriched communication opportunities between teachers and parents.

There are both benefits and drawbacks to these improvements in technology. In some ways, the new technology has added to everyone's workload and led to an expectation for a turn-around response time that might not be possible. 

Here are the guidelines for what is effective and appropriate in terms of e-mail communication:




Counseling Office

Would your child benefit from participating in small group counseling?


Throughout the school year, the Tolt Middle School counselors host a range of small group counseling sessions. If you feel that your child would benefit from being part of one of these groups, please send us your child's name, grade level and group that you are interested in them being part of. The groups usually range in size from 5-10 students and meet once a week for approximately 8 weeks. The groups are usually held during lunchtime or during elective times (alternating each week between PE rotation and other elective).

Small Group Themes:

  • Loss/Grief
  • High Anxiety/Stress
  • Changing Families
  • Social Skills

If you are interested in having your student participate in one of these groups, please email the following information to your student's counselor:

  • Student's Full Name
  • Student's Grade Level
  • Name of small group that you are interested in

Counselor Contact Information:

Carrie Diligencia: 

Students with last names beginning with A - K

Tim Suchsland: 

Students with last names beginning with L - Z




Proof of ID

For the well being and safety of your student, you may be asked to show your ID when entering the school. If your name appears in the student's records allowing you to take the student from the building, we would be glad to send for that student. Please allow enough time when coming to pick up a student to make it to your appointment on time. Please note: If someone other than a parent or guardian is sent to pick up a student, Tolt staff will only release a student to that individual if you have given us prior permission to do so and that person's name appears as an emergency contact. Emergency contacts are noted in our student records database, and the person picking up the student must present proof of identification. 


Please review your Emergency Contact list on Family Access, and contact Mardi Rezoski, Registrar, or 844-4607, to update information.




Student Records

If you are not certain that your student's records/information is up-to-date, please look on Family Access under Student Profile and Family. 

Please contact Mardi Rezoski, Registrar or 844-4607, to add, delete, or change any names, phone numbers, mailing addresses, and/or emails addresses. T

Thank you for helping us keep your student's contact info current!

Bus Arrangements

  • Alternate bus arrangements will only be allowed with a signed note from the parent/guardian or through email.
  •  Phone calls for a bus pass are not accepted. 
  • Students need to bring their notes to the attendance office before school or at lunch on the day they need a bus pass.  I
  • If parents are using email, please email Tammy Helms in the attendance office at as early in the day as possible.



Low-Cost Health Insurance

Health insurance is available to TMS students.  


The process is easy and many working families qualify, this is a great option for parents with children participating in school sports.  Income, family size and some monthly expenses are viewed for eligibility.  To see if your child qualifies for this form of health insurance, contact Claire Wallace at (425) 844-4605 for more information




Staff/Student/Parent Communication

Regular grade checks and quarter report cards will be sent home with students. 


Newsletters will be published monthly and put on the district Constant Contact, except for the months of December/January, which will be combined together because of winter break. 

If your email address has changed over the summer, and you would like to receive communication from the school through our Constant Contact, please go to the Tolt website, click on "Join our email list" in the upper right hand corner, to update your email address. 


You can use Skyward Family Access to view student information and grades online. 

Don't remember your login and/or password? 

Please contact Mardi Rezoski, Registrar or 844-4607, for your credentials. 


With so many ways to communicate, it should be a great school year!



 We believe students need to be in school in order to receive the best education possible.  Parents should contact the Attendance Secretary, Tammy Dorn (425) 844-4606 or email within 48 hours to excuse an absence or tardy or send a note with your child to school. Without notification from the student's parent or guardian, the absence will be considered unexcused.  

Requesting homework will only be done for absences that are greater than three (3) days and students will have one (1) day to make up work for each excused day of absence.  

Here is the Riverview School District Board Policies regarding Excused and Unexcused Absences and Tardies


Free/Reduced Lunch

Depending on your family income and household size, you may qualify for free or reduced price meals.  

The forms to apply are available at all schools, on the district website on the Food Service Department page and through Family Access to apply on-line.

  • If you used the District's Free/Reduced Lunch Program last year new paperwork is required to be renewed each year.  
  • If you did not resubmit an application during registration your student could be dropped from the program at the end of September.  
  • One application works for the whole family so if you did fill out paperwork at another child's school you should be covered for the year.  
  • Applications can be found on the District Website under the Food Services web page.

If you have questions about the breakfast and lunch meal program, please contact Kaye Wetli, SNS, Supervisor of Food Services, 425-844-4560, or visit the Food Services Department page on the District Website.


Parent Drop Off /Pickup Zone

Due to safety concerns, before and after school student drop off and pick up will be in the parking lot at the back of the school by the baseball fields.  

  • This area can be accessed by the using the parking lot entrance closest to the gym and driving past the staff parking lot to the back of the school.  
  • Students should no longer be dropped off or picked up in the front parking lot before or after school. 


Morning Drop Off Information

 Breakfast is served at 8:13 a.m.  Please do not drop off students earlier than this because we do not have sufficient supervision at this time of the morning and the students will be waiting outside.

If dropping students off for Jazz Band prior to school starting please drop kids off at the baseball field and not the staff parking lot.  We want to avoid cars pulling in and kids walking across the lot at the same time. 


Phone Calls/Messages

To avoid disruption of the educational process please limit phone calls and messages to urgent business.  We prefer to get messages to students via a note from the office.  We ask students to leave their phones in their backpacks during class.  If you text your child and want them to return a call, have your child talk with the teacher to facilitate the best time for the return call to happen so as to not disrupt the learning environment.



Welcome to the 2018-19 school year at Tolt from the PTSA!  

Our first General Membership Meeting is Sept. 13th at 5:45 pm in the gym, before Curriculum Night.  So - come early and get a parking spot - we would love for you to join us!

We will be voting on the Budget and changes to the Standing Rules and also discuss volunteer opportunities for members. The Student Store will also be open for a tour.


Tolt PTSA has a Facebook Page! Come follow up to receive announcements and updates in your daily feed:

It's back to school time, which also means it's PTSA Membership time! Have you joined yet for the new year? It's simple and easy at PTSA is membership driven, and we need you! You do NOT need to volunteer or come to meetings if you join (although we welcome that). But your support helps drive the student store, social events, art programs, and more. PLUS if you join between now and September 28th, you will be entered into a drawing for a certificate to the Blue Heron Golf Course & Restaurant and have access to benefits and discounts at destinations like the Washington State Fair. Join us today!


Tolt PTSA invites all students to enter the Reflections Art Competition for 2018-2019! Students may enter original works based on the theme Heroes Around Me. Entries are due to the school office by Wednesday, October 24th. 

Students can enter in the following six art categories: Visual Arts, Photography, Literature, Music, Dance, and Film. Students can enter in multiple categories, but only one entry per category per student, please. 

Each entry must have a completed entry form and comply with contest rules. You can get a packet with detailed rules and forms at the school office, 
by emailing Tara Bergman at, or by visiting 

All entries will be displayed and celebrated. Top scoring pieces will advance to compete at the Riverview PTSA Council competition. 

Volunteers needed! Interested in helping with the Reflections Art Program? Contact Reflections Chair Tara Bergman at
Brought to you by your National, State, and Local PTSA - Celebrating 50 years of the Reflections Art Program!


We are excited to bring you another fun year of the PTSA-sponsored Tolt Student Store - We open on Monday, September 10th and will be open every day during lunch!!

  • We have snacks, drinks AND school supplies. 
  • Our prices start at $.25.
  • We will run Fun Friday specials each week.  Make sure your student stops by the store to check them out! 
  • The Student Store is a different account than a student lunch account. We accept cash, Tolt Tickets, and Student Store Punch cards to make purchases.
  • Please remember we cannot make change for $20 bills - smaller bills are much easier for your kids to use at school. 
  • Want to purchase a $5/10 Punch Card for your student, so they can use it at the store? 
    • Send kids with cash to buy one at the store or purchase a Punch Card online at our PTSA website and we'll deliver it to the Student Store Tolt PTSA
    • We KEEP the Punch Cards at the store, for all-around safety. 

If you would like to volunteer and work a shift in the store (daily 11:15am-1:15pm), please contact Kristen Federico at  It's run completely by volunteers and we'd love to have your help!!


Calendar of Events


9/13         PTSA meeting @ 5:30

9/13         Curriculum Night @ 6:15 p.m. in the Tolt MPR

9/14         Early Release @ 1:27 p.m.

9/21         Early Release @ 1:27 p.m.

9/26         Dam Evacuation Drill

9/28         Early Release @ 1:27 p.m.


The Riverview School District complies with all federal and state statutes and regulations and does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal, and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.  This holds true for all district employment and student opportunities.  Inquiries regarding compliance and/or grievance procedures may be directed to the school district's Title IX/RCW 28A.640 Officer (Janet L. Gavigan, 425-844-4500) and Section 504/ADA Coordinator (Molly Lutz, 425-844-4500) at 15510 1st Ave. NE, Duvall, WA 98019.