Small Thunderbird

Tolt Middle School  

3740 Tolt Avenue

Carnation, WA 98014 


August 2019





Important Phone Numbers

Main Office:


Attendance Office:   425-844-4606

Counseling Office:  


Office Hours

7:30 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.




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A Letter from the Principal

Thunderbird Families,


Greetings from Tolt! I hope all our families are enjoying fabulous summers. Here at school, we're starting to get ready for another great year. It'll be so good to see all our students on campus in less than a month!


I'm excited to share with you about our new staff members. We have attracted an outstanding group of individuals who are looking forward to investing in our students and school community. Please welcome the following teachers to Tolt: Kyle Brown (Social Studies), Carrie Holeman (Language Arts and EL), Missy Krufka (Language Arts), Lauren Holmes (Special Education), Nick Mellander (Science), and Mike Stone (Band). We also have several new faces in our office, including Scott Petersen (Assistant Principal), Cindy Stout (Attendance Secretary), and Deb Franco (ASB Secretary). Claire Wallace has also transitioned into a new role as our Principal's Secretary.


Orientation is on Monday, August 26th from 8 - 11 am and 12 - 3 pm. See below for more information about this day. Student schedules will be released in Skyward in the morning and hard copies will be given to students who attend Orientation. Schedule change requests are typically only granted if there is an error in a student's schedule. If you have a question or concern about your student's schedule, please contact their counselor.


The first day of school on Tuesday, September 3rd will again feature our WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) program, where 8th grade WEB leaders will help our 6th graders transition into life as a Thunderbird. While more information about the first day of school is below, please note that 6th graders and 8th grade WEB leaders will attend all day while 7th and 8th graders will only attend in the afternoon. We're really looking forward to seeing all our students on campus!


I also want to share with you that we will start PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) implementation this year. PBIS systems explicitly teach students expectations, regularly remind them of those expectations, and recognize them when they display the appropriate behaviors. Many of our students will be familiar with PBIS models as our elementary schools started implementing PBIS two years ago. More information will be shared at the beginning of the school year.


Please feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions. Enjoy the rest of your summer and we'll see you soon!


Amie Karkainen, Principal







Orientation is Monday, August 26th 

8AM - 11AM and 12PM - 3PM  

You are welcome to come anytime during either session.


Want to avoid standing in line at Orientation?

Pay your student fees online using e-Funds.

  • Go to the Riverview School District Website
  • Click on the Parents and Community drop down menu.
  • Click on e-Funds for schools.
  • You will need to create your own e-Funds username and password - it is not related to your Skyward login. However, you will need to know your child's/children's student number(s) which can be found in Skyward.


Returning students:

Orientation is optional.

If you choose not to attend:

  • Student fees will still need to be paid by the first day of school. Fees can be paid online using e-Funds (see instructions above).
  • You can find your student's bus route by checking the information on the district's Transportation webpage:  
  • Your student's schedule will be available on Skyward starting August 27th.
  • Medical paperwork must be received in the main office (either hardcopy or scanned then emailed) prior to the first day of school.
  • Updates to your student's profile, including emergency contact information, can be emailed to Mardi Rezoski, Registrar, at


New Students:

Please plan on attending Orientation.

      • Students/Families will be able to:
        • Pick up schedules, pay fees, get transportation information, and walk around the campus.
        • Turn in their Medication Authorization form.
        • Turn in Immunization form.
        • Update profile and/or emergency information.
        • Pick up information available on an optional student health insurance plan.


In the event you have student who wanted to attend orientation but was unable to, please contact the main office August 27th, 29th or 30th to make arrangements to pick up schedules, pay fees and update student information. Please note that the office will be closed on August 28th due to staff meetings.




Office Hours

Starting on Monday, August 19th, our office will be open daily from 7:45 am to 3:30 pm. Please note that on Wednesday, August 28th our office will be closed all day. On Friday, August 30th our office will open at 9:00 am as our office staff will be in a meeting.




First Day of School - Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019

First Day of School Schedule:

6th graders and 8th grade WEB leaders: 8:25AM - 2:57PM

7th and 8th graders: 12:25PM - 2:57PM


We are excited for the first day of school at Tolt with our WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) Program, which helps students transition into 6th grade through engaging activities led by 8th grade student leaders. In the morning, 6th graders and 8th grade WEB leaders will be the only students on campus as they participate in WEB activities. Our 7th and 8th grade students will arrive in the afternoon for shortened class periods.


Here are some important details about the day:

  • 6th graders will pick their bus up at the normal time and arrive at Tolt for the start of school at 8:25AM.
    • When you get to school in the morning, report to the MPR (Multi-Purpose Room) to drop off your backpack. Then, go the outdoor basketball court.
    • The Gym doors will open at 8:25AM for 6th graders to go into the Gym for a Welcome Assembly.
    • Breakfast will be available for purchase in the MPR as it normally is in the mornings when students get off the bus.
    • There be a 30-minute lunch from 11:15-11:45AM. 6th graders will be able to buy lunch or they may bring their own lunch from home.
    • 6th Graders will receive a copy of their up-to-date schedule from their WEB leader during the morning WEB activities. Schedules will have a copy of the building map on the back.
  • 7th and 8th graders will pick their bus up 4 hours later than normal for a 12:25PM start time. (This means if the bus normally picks a student up at 7:38AM, the bus will pick them up at 11:38AM on the first day of school.)
    • When you get to school in the afternoon, look for your grade-level alphabetical name list, which will be posted in multiple spots in the breezeway. Find your 1st period teacher's names listed along with their classroom number and go to your 1st period class.
    • 7th and 8th Graders will receive a copy of their up-to-date schedule in their 1st period class. Schedules will have a copy of the building map on the back.
    • 7th and 8th graders should not arrive on campus until at least 12:00PM as their day will not start until 12:25PM. Buses will drop students off at Tolt at 12:13PM.
    • Lunch will be available for purchase in the MPR when students get off the bus similarly to how breakfast is served in the mornings.
  • 8th Grade WEB Leaders:
    • Be at Tolt by 7:15AM. You will need to arrange your own transportation.
    • From 12:25PM - 2:57PM, all students will attend periods 1-6 on a shortened bell schedule. School will end at 2:57PM for all students.

Period 1 12:25-12:47

Period 2 12:51-1:13

Period 3 1:17-1:39

Period 4 1:43-2:05

Period 5 2:09-2:31

Period 6 2:35-2:57


  • Students in all grades will ride the bus home together.


Our Tolt PTSA is providing refreshments for 6th grade parents in the MPR starting at 8:25AM. Drop your 6th grader off and then come connect with our PTSA and other 6th grade parents.


A big thank you to our Tolt PTSA and REF (Riverview Education Foundation) for providing funding for WEB.


We are looking forward to a wonderful first day of school!




Updated Cell Phone Policy

We have an updated cell phone policy that will be shared with students at the beginning of the school year:


Cell phones can be a useful 21st century tool. At Tolt, we strive to keep students fully engaged in the learning activities planned and the vital face-to-face communication that is essential for us to practice and develop in middle school. To attain this focus, cell phones will be "Away for the Day."


All personal telecommunication devices are to be put away in bags or backpacks during school hours. Cell phones should be turned off when students arrive on campus in the morning and stay away until the end of the school day.


Parents/guardians and students can communicate with each other during school hours via the main office at (425) 844-4600.


We recognize that there are times when parents need to communicate with their student during the school day. If you call our main office, we will deliver a message to your student. There is a phone in the main office that students can use if they ever need to call their parents.


Thank you in advance for your support as we seek to help students stay engaged in learning.




School Supplies 2019-2020

While students will need to restock items that break/wear out/get lost/etc, our staff will not ask students or families to purchase anything that is not on this list when school starts.  Note that PE t-shirts will be labeled with first name and last initial starting this year; students may continue to use PE t-shirts with first initial and last name from previous years. 


If finances are a concern, please contact your student's counselor to receive assistance.


We will not be giving students planners this year since there is a calendar feature on the student laptops.  Students who want to have a hard copy of a planner will want to purchase their own. 





Student Fees


All Student fees can be paid online via e-Funds or in person.  


To use e-Funds:

  • Go to the Riverview School District Website:
  • Click on the Parents and Community drop down menu.
  • Click on e-Funds for schools.
    • You will need to create your own e-Funds username and password - it is not related to your Skyward login. However, you will need to know your child's/children's student number(s), which can be found in Skyward.




              Tolt Middle School ASB Card                                  $22.00

              Band Fee                                                                 $25.00

              Band Instrument Rental Fee                                    $30.00

              Choir (7th & 8th Grade ONLY)                                 $25.00

              Jazz Band                                                                $15.00

              Laptop Insurance (Optional)                                    $25.00 

              PE shirt                                                                     $ 5.00

              PE Shorts (Optional)                                                 $ 7.00

              River Study Field Trip (7th Grade Only)                   $14.00

              Sports Participation Fee                                           $80.00/Sport

                                    Student Maximum $160

                                    Family Maximum $320

                TSA Membership fee                                             $25.00


                                                             Until Jan 31st            $32.00

                                                              After Feb 1st            $34.00

                Student Lunch                                                        $ 3.50

                Student Breakfast                                                   $ 2.00

                Reduced Breakfast*                                                FREE

                Reduced Fee Lunch*                                             $ 0.40


*Free and reduced lunch forms will be available at orientation and are also on the Riverview School District's Food Services webpage




Dress Code


 As families go back to school shopping, please note our dress code.  We will communicate with students about our updated dress code in September.  Parents and guardians, your help in ensuring the clothes your student wears to school is in line with our dress code is much appreciated.





Student-Issued Device Information

Our students are fortunate the Riverview School District provides devices for our students. 

Here's the plan to ensure all our students have a laptop in their hands as quickly as possible:

  • · 6th grade students will check out their device on the second day of school (Wednesday, September 4th) during their science class.
  • · Returning 7th and 8th grade students already have their laptop and should start bringing it to school with them starting the first day of school.
  • · New 7th and 8th grade students will have their laptop checked out to them on an individual basis on the second day of school (Wednesday, September 4th).

Parents and guardians, your assistance in ensuring your student charges their device every night and brings it to school every day is most appreciated. For more information about student-issued devices, please see Riverview's Technology website:




Nurse's Notes 

IMPORTANT: All 6th grade students age 11 and older are required to receive a Tdap booster, unless they have a healthcare provider signed vaccination exemption form. In addition, WA state law requires proof of two varicella (Chickenpox) vaccinations or health care provider verification of disease, in addition to all other required vaccinations.

  • Please contact your health care provider to discuss vaccinations prior to the first day of middle school. If your student is participating in sports, it's a great idea to schedule your sports physical, vaccines, and any other health condition paperwork for the same visit!
  • Record the dates of new vaccinations received on the included vaccination paperwork to bring to orientation. You may also ask your healthcare provider for a copy of your student's vaccine record. Certificate of Immunization status and/or Certificate of Exemption must be signed by a parent/guardian. Certificate of Exemption must also be signed by a healthcare provider.
  • If your student has Medication Authorization Paperwork, and/or medications at school please complete the included paperwork, obtain required signatures, and bring them to orientation. We have a new form for students carrying over-the-counter medications! The form will be available on the district website prior to the beginning of 2019-20 school year and is included in this mailing. If your student has an Individual Health/Emergency Care Plan you will receive a summer mailing with paperwork you need to complete. All student health plans, medications, and paperwork for 2019-20 must be submitted to the school before the first day of class.
  • Medication Authorization, Certification of Immunization Status/Certificate of Exemption (only fill in "new/updated" immunizations for past year), Authorization to Self-Carry, and Student Health Concerns Annual Update forms can be found online through the district website: and Dept. of Health:
  • Medication Authorization, Immunization, and Student Health Concerns Update forms may also be scanned and emailed to Nurse Rachel Tomczek, at
  • If you have any questions regarding health forms, please contact Nurse Rachel at 425-844-4662 or




Tolt Sports

Tolt's Season I Sports

Volleyball (7th & 8th graders)

Boys' Soccer (7th & graders)

Co-ed Cross Country (6th, 7th & 8th graders) 

The first practice for these sports is on 

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Online Registration:

  • Forms will go online in early August
  • Summer is a great time to get those physicals done.  
  • Check if your students' physical has expired on the Sports page of the Tolt website.
  • Physical forms can be printed off the Sports page on the website as well and should be turned in when complete to the main office.  
  • If your student wants to participate in our first season of sports, all online paperwork and physicals need to be completed and submitted or turned in to the Tolt main office by Monday, August 26, 2019. 

      Please call the main office with any questions 425-844-4600.

General Information:

  • Students taking part in sports at Tolt should come prepared for that sport on the first day of practice, September 5th, and meet in the locker rooms.
  • The coaches will instruct students from there as to where to go and what to do. 
  • Lockers will be assigned to those students not currently in PE class.  
  • All students participating in Tolt sports will be issued a uniform for competitions.  
  • The uniform will be on loan during the season and must be returned clean at the end of the season. 
  • All students will be bused to and from the away meets.  
  • Please make prior arrangements with the coach and or athletic director if your student will NOT be riding the bus back to Tolt after a competition or if your student will miss any practices or competitions.

You can check the activity bus schedule online or in the office for stops and times.  The competition and practice schedules will be posted on the Sports calendar and Sports page of the Tolt website.





Curriculum Night

On Thursday, September 12th starting at 6:15 pm, we will be having our Curriculum Night for parents and guardians. This is a time for parents and guardians to meet their students' teachers, follow their daily schedule, and learn more about the courses they are taking. Here is the schedule for the evening:


5:45 - 6:15 PTSA Meeting in Gym 

6:15 - 6:30 Welcome in Gym 

6:30 - 6:35 Released to 1st Period 

6:35 - 6:43 1st Period 

6:48 - 6:56 2nd Period 

7:01 - 7:09 3rd Period 

7:14 - 7:22 4th Period 

7:27 - 7:35 5th Period 

7:40 - 7:48 6th Period


Since this is a time set aside for parents and guardians to meet teachers, we are asking that students not attend this evening. Please arrive early as parking will be limited. 


We are looking forward to seeing parents and guardians at Curriculum Night!




Student Store

Volunteer at the Student Store for the 2019-2020 School Year! Sign up NOW!!


We are excited to bring you another fun year of the PTSA-sponsored Tolt Student Store - open for your students, each day, during lunch!! 

  • Have your child stop by and see what's new for snacks, drinks AND school supplies - even ear buds, tissues and deodorant! 
  • The Student Store is a different account than a student lunch account and we accept cash, Tolt Tickets and Student Store Punch card purchases! Please remember we cannot make change for $20 bills - smaller bills are much easier for your kids to use at school. 
  • Want to purchase a $5/$10 Punch Card for your student, so they can use it at the store?  

If you would like to volunteer, to work a shift in the store (daily 11:15AM-1:15PM), please contact Kristen Federico at  

It's run completely by volunteers and we'd love to have your help!!



Calendar of Events

***** AUGUST *********

8/19    Tolt Office Opens

8/26    Orientation, 8AM - 11AM & 12PM - 3PM

8/28    Office closed for staff meetings


***** SEPTEMBER ********

9/3            First Day of School 

                      8:25 AM 6th graders and WEB Leaders ONLY

                      12:25 PM 7th & 8th graders 

9/4            Second Day of School, everyone starts at 8:25 AM

9/4            Fall Sports begin

9/9 & 10   School Picture Day

9/12          Curriculum Night 





The Riverview School District complies with all federal and state statutes and regulations and does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal, and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.  This holds true for all district employment and student opportunities.  Inquiries regarding compliance and/or grievance procedures may be directed to the school district's Title IX/RCW 28A.640 Officer (Janet L. Gavigan, 425-844-4500) and Section 504/ADA Coordinator (Molly Lutz, 425-844-4500) at 15510 1st Ave. NE, Duvall, WA 98019