Tolt Middle School

Tolt Middle School Library

Welcome Tolt Thunderbirds!

The library is typically open Monday-Thursday from 8:10AM-3:10PM.
Any early release school day (half days or other early release schedules), the library closes with the end of day bell.
Students are welcome to come in before school to work on homework, print, read, and socialize quietly with others.
The library is also open most lunches—get a pass from the lunchroom and then come play board games, work on homework, read, and socialize with friends.
If students stay after school, they need to ensure they have a ride home.

In need of a good read recommendation? Please ask! We've got all sorts of great books for you to read!

Searching the Library Catalog?
To continue to the library catalog search page, please click “Search the Tolt Library” in the middle of the gray ribbon on the left side of your screen. Students: Don't forget to log in to your library account to ensure you have full access to all the catalog functions.

Completing the Fall Reading Challenge?
Here is the list of categories—due at the end of November!

Happy Reading!

Ms. Bigham, TMS Librarian