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Student Library Accounts: All our students have a library account through Destiny. Students may log in to the account to see if they have any books checked out, when they are due, see if they have any fees, or look for good books to read. If a book they would like to read is already checked out, they may place a hold on that book to ensure they get a chance to read it.

To get to Destiny from the TMS Library Webpage: Click “Search the Tolt Library” in the ribbon on the left-hand side, select Tolt Middle School on the next page, and then the home page appears.

To log in to Destiny: Students use their school email address as their username and the same password they use to log on to their school laptop for their password.

Students may check out up to 6 books; I typically recommend having at least two independent reading books in their backpacks all the time. This way students are able to snatch time to read throughout the school day.

We know that many students are big fans of series, and we respectfully ask that they limit their selection of those books to two titles from the same series.

Books are checked out for a two-week period, but students may return books at any time they finish with them or decide they would like a new title. Books should be returned to the book drop inside the library.

In need of a good read recommendation? Please ask!
We have all sorts of great books for you to read!

Liana Bigham
Teacher Librarian
Tolt Middle School

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