Tolt Middle School

Mission and Belief Statements

Mission Statement

Tolt Middle School, in partnership with families and community, ensures a safe and respectful environment which inspires excellence and challenges all students to develop their talents as healthy, life-long learners, achievers, and responsible citizens.

Belief Statement

Students and the learning process - we believe:

    1. School is a safe and constructive environment with effective class size.
    2. Students are taught to respect each other.
    3. All students can learn, achieve, and succeed.
    4. Students are challenged to think independently.

Curriculum and instruction - we believe:

    1. Instructional methods should be varied and geared toward different learning styles.
    2. Educators who are passionate about their subject matter inspire learning.
    3. Effective planning, presentation, and assessment ensure excellence in learning.
    4. Challenging expectations increase student outcomes.
    5. Diversity increases student understanding of the community and the world.

Community - we believe:

    1. Students, teachers, parents and the community share the responsibility of education.
    2. Schools and communities that work together mutually benefit one another.
    3. Communication with parents is essential.
    4. Motivation is the responsibility of student, educator, and parent.