Tolt Middle School

Emergency Plan and Reunification Process

What is the Tolt Dam Breach Evacuation Plan?

Student participate yearly in learning how to safely evacuate the Tolt campus by following the
route to the evacuation site. Remember, this route is used in case there is a dam breach. Every
other year the entire student body participates on the walk to the top of the hill. In case you
didn't know, the entrance for the site is off of NE 45th at the Tolt Highlands Road. With safety
as our main concern, we take the trip very seriously and practice procedures in the event of a real
dam breach. It is important for parents and students to know, if there is an earthquake or citywide
alarm evacuate the building to our fire drill site, quickly take attendance, and walk up the
hill to safety. A school bus arrives to the building to transport students who are designated as
fragile due to physical or health constraints. Every classroom at Tolt has an emergency
backpack with a few basic first aid supplies that is carried up to the site. Upon arrival to the site,
there are containers with basic provisions and a first aid station. I tell you this to help you
recognize your student is safe with our staff. Students are assigned to specific staff members as
part of our procedure. In the event of a real earthquake, please do not try to drive along the route
or up the hill to collect your student. Because the building is evacuated, we also do not leave
behind staff to answer telephones. Upon returning from the evacuation site, if you feel the need
to pick up your child, you would come directly to the main office for proper check out.

For Emergency Reunification

At Tolt Middle school your child's safety is one of our primary concerns. As part of our
comprehensive emergency plan we have an established procedure to reunite students with
parents/guardians. This procedure is designed to ensure that students are safe until a
parent/guardian arrives to pick them up. Several key components of this procedure we feel you
should know are:

1. Parent/guardian-student reunification will occur at Tolt Middle school's main office.
2. When you come to pick up your child please have your identification with you so we can
confirm your identity against the Authorized Guardian Student Release Information we
have on file. This layer of detail is in place to ensure your child's safety.

**Please check with our Registrar (425-844-4607) to confirm and/or update who is authorized to pick up your
child from school.**